High-performance scientific computing engineer M/F

Contract type

CDI (permanent position)

Job description

In order to strengthen its "Software engineering, parallelism and application development" team, the Maison de la Simulation is recruiting an engineer specialised in high-performance computing. He or she will be in charge of coordinating or contributing to the application developments of the research themes hosted at the laboratory. This work will be carried out within multidisciplinary teams, through medium and long-term projects aimed at providing simulation tools capable of fully exploiting major computing infrastructures. This recruitment aims in particular to support the scientific communities, to prepare for the arrival of the so-called exascale machines. At least two-thirds of the activity will be devoted to working on optimizing or rewriting applications, while the rest of the time may be devoted to technology watch and more prospective work, notably on programming models adapted to new computing architectures, in particular those based on GPUs.

Candidate profile

The candidate must have operational knowledge of advanced programming techniques and languages (Fortran90, C or C++) and application code development;

  • Significant experience in parallelization (MPI, OpenMP) and optimization of scientific codes on various architectures (SMP, MPP) in a Unix environment;
  • Fluency in written and spoken technical English (the position entails frequent collaboration with European researchers).
  • Good teamwork skills.

In addition, knowledge or experience in one or more of the following areas will be appreciated:

  • Use of performance analysis and debugging tools on parallel applications ;
  • Experience in massively parallel computing (hybrid MPI+OpenMP) or accelerator computing (GPGPU);
  • Knowledge of computer architecture;
  • Advanced knowledge of C++ ;
  • Teaching experience.

Training & education

Thesis or engineering degree in a scientific field related to high-performance computing

Location of the position

Maison de la Simulation
CEA Saclay, France

General information

Contracting institution

The Commissariat à l'énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives (CEA) is a public research organisation. A major player in research, development and innovation, the CEA is involved in four missions: defense and security, nuclear energy (fission and fusion), technological research for the industry, and fundamental research (material sciences and life sciences). With its 16,000 employees - technicians, engineers, researchers, and research support staff - the CEA is part of numerous collaborative projects alongside its academic and industrial partners.

Description of the Management structure

The CEA's Directorate for Fundamental Research (DRF) carries out scientific activities in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology and health, materials sciences, climate and environmental sciences.

Description of the unit

The Maison de la Simulation (http://www.maisondelasimulation.fr) is a Service and Research Unit, attached to the CEA, the CNRS and the Universities of Paris Saclay and Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines. The unit's objective is to accompany, support and stimulate scientific communities in order to make the most of supercomputers, and in particular of those deployed within the framework of GENCI, the European PRACE project, and the incoming EuroHPC ecosystem. It must also foster and support the emergence, in France, of a high-performance computing community, and develop strong synergies between researchers and engineers from different disciplines needed to achieve the major scientific breakthroughs expected from high-performance computing. The Maison de la Simulation carries out research activities in the field of high-performance computing and its use, as well as development and high-level application support activities for different communities. It collaborates very closely with the three national computing centres, and more particularly with IDRIS, with which it shares staff and common projects. The main theme of the Maison de la Simulation on HPC is gradually being extended to massive data processing and artificial intelligence, in connection with massively parallel numerical simulations.

The position will be open until a successful candidate has been found.

To apply send a CV and a resume to: edouard.audit@cea.fr

Useful links

Official job offer on the CEA website
Job offer on LinkedIn

Recruitment of a postdoctoral researcher

Solène BULTEAU has recently joined Maison de la Simulation as a postdoctoral researcher to develop new numerical methods for stratified magneto-hydrodynamic in a 3D convection code called Ark. This postdoc position of 3 years is funded by the European ERC ATMO project. It aims at studying exo-planet atmosphere using numerical simulation to prepare the future observation campaign of the space telescope James Webb. The work of Solène on atmospheric convection will be used for stars, brown dwarf and exo-planets.

Recruitment of a HPC engineer to improve AMR in ParFlow

Jose Fonseca has joined Masion de la Simulation in May 2019 as a HPC engineer. In the framework of the project EoCoE-II, he will work on the development of an AMR (Adaptive Mesh Refinment) version of the scientific code ParFlow dedicated to the hydrological simulation of surface, sub-surface and ground water flow. ParFlow is used in research fields related to water cycle. He can couple to meteorological and climatic simulation codes. To improve Parflow, Jose Fonseca will use the AMR library P4est. For this aim, Maison de la Simulation is strongly collaborating with the Jülich research center. In parallel, the code is being optimized for GPU. His contract at Maison de la Simulation is funded during 2 years with EoCoE-II.