Recruitment of a HPC engineer to improve AMR in ParFlow

Jose Fonseca has joined Masion de la Simulation in May 2019 as a HPC engineer. In the framework of the project EoCoE-II, he will work on the development of an AMR (Adaptive Mesh Refinment) version of the scientific code ParFlow dedicated to the hydrological simulation of surface, sub-surface and ground water flow. ParFlow is used in research fields related to water cycle. He can couple to meteorological and climatic simulation codes. To improve Parflow, Jose Fonseca will use the AMR library P4est. For this aim, Maison de la Simulation is strongly collaborating with the Jülich research center. In parallel, the code is being optimized for GPU. His contract at Maison de la Simulation is funded during 2 years with EoCoE-II.