Here you can freely download AMITEX_FFTP for Education & Reserach purposes.

With the downloaded files you can:

  • USE the code, on a standalone machine as well as on HPC clusters,
  • DEVELOP your own algorithm or modifications as most of the fortran sources are provided,
  • If you want to DEVELOP, feel free to contact us for technical questions. Note also that you are welcome if you want to SHARE your developments in the distributed current version.

Just keep in mind that AMITEX_FFTP is no a “big” code, there is not so many people behind it ;-)

Version 2.3.5

Download v2.3.5

Only minor modifications have been introduced with respect to version 2.3.4. The most important for the users are :

  • bug fixed : writing of messages on the standard output when using gcc compiler
  • introduction of an anisotropic elastic behaviour (Law_Number : 3)

Validation tests have been run on the CEA cluster (maldives). Compared to version 2.3.4, validation tests on the other platforms should no be affected.

Version 2.3.4

Validation tests have been run on various clusters, or standalone PC, but only with intel XEON processors, with the following results:

CCRT cluster (airain) intel 14 bullxmpi OK
MDS cluster (poincare) gcc 4.9.0 openMPI 1.8.4 OK
  gcc 4.7.2 openMPI 1.6.3 OK
  intel 13 intelMPI 4 OK
  intel 15 intelMPI 5 OK
CEA cluster (maldives) intel 15 intelMPI 5 OK
  gcc 4.8.2 openMPI 1.6.5 OK
  gcc 4.8.2 openMPI 1.8.1 PB
Standalone PC gcc 4.9.2 openMPI 1.6.5 OK

The problem with openMPI 1.8.1 was observed on the validation test beton_relax_65_old.


Performances obtained with [Intel compiler + IntelMPI] are significantly better than with [GCC compiler + openMPI].