AMITEX_FFTP is a distributed solver based on FFTs for non-linear mechanical simulations on heterogeneous unit-cells (discretized by 3D structured meshes). One of its main advantages is the possibility to simulate the behavior of a material using a very fine description. This is made accessible because the properties can be distributed on several processes. Here, Figure 1 shows how AMITEX_FFTP can be applied to compute the strain within a polycrystal described using a 1024x1024x1024 resolution (see here for more information).

AMITEX_FFTP can be executed either on individual PC, local clusters or on large High Performance Computing platforms.


Figure 1: Axial stress distribution within a CFC polycrystal (~42000 grains) submitted to a tensile test (1%) - grid resolution 1024x1024x1024 - local behavior : dislocation based crystal plasticity


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