06 mars 2020

Webinar : PDI – Introduction to the Portable data interface

Julien Bigot présentera son outil PDI. PDI est une API déclarative permettant de découpler le code de l'application des stratégies d'entrée/sortie à utiliser. Ce séminaire en ligne est organisé par le projet EoCoE.
  • Date: March 6th, 2020, 10:00 AM
  • Speaker: Julien Bigot, Senior researcher at CEA
  • Duration: approximately 1 hour
  • Language: English
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Julien Bigot, tenured computer science researcher at CEA, will present the PDI data interface, a declarative API to decouple application codes from the Input / Output strategy to use. He will present its plugin system, which supports the selection of the best-suited existing IO library through a configuration file in each part of the code depending on the hardware available, the IO pattern, the problem size, etc. This webinar will demonstrate the advantage of this approach in term of software engineering and performance through the example of the Gysela5D code.