04 novembre 2019

Inria autumn school « High Performance Numerical Simulation » @ MdlS/Inria

School on high performance numerical simulation and aims on simulating a physical problem, from its modeling to its implementation in an high performance computing (HPC) framework.

Inria Bordeaux is organizing a school on high performance numerical simulation. It will take place at the Inria Bordeaux research center on November 4-8, 2019.

The school will aim on simulating a physical problem, from its modeling to its implementation in an high performance computing (HPC) framework. The school will offer both plenary courses and hands-on sessions. The physical problem considered will be the harmonic wave propagation. The hands-on session will be conducted on the Federative Platform for Research in Computer Science and Mathematics (PlaFRIM) machine.

The first day will be dedicated to the modeling of the problem and its discretization using a Discontinuous Galerkin scheme. The following two days will be dedicated to linear algebra for solving large sparse systems. Background on direct, iterative and hybrid methods for sparse linear systems will be discussed. Hands-on on related parallel solvers will then be proposed. Will follow a day dedicated to advanced parallelization schemes using task-based paradigms. Hands-on with the StarPU runtime system will be proposed. A particular attention will be devoted to the use of parallel profiling and debugging tools. The school will be closed with plenary talks illustrating the usage of such a workflow in an industrial context.

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Tentative Program :

  • Monday afternoon:
    • Class on modeling + assembly
    • login plafrim, jupyter, …
  • Tuesday morning: Hands-on Python 1D
  • Tuesday afternoon:
    • Class on 3D modeling + assembly
    • Class 1 on linear solvers: direct solvers
    • Introduction on guix-hpc
  • Wednesday morning: Hands-on on deploying houdini on plafrim
  • Wednesday afternoon: Class 2 on linear solvers: subspace Krylov methods, DDM parallel preconditioners, hybrid direct/iterative solvers
  • Thursday morning: Hands-on solver and/or architecture (including usage of solvers over runtime systems, but not directly programming runtime systems)
  • Thursday afternoon:
    • Class on runtime systems
  • Friday morning, in parallel or on demand:
    • Parallelization of Cholesky over StarPU
    • Parallel debugging
  • Friday afternoon: Industrial applications

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