The Maison de la Simulation is a research laboratory about numerical simulation. Those activites concern transverse fields like IT and visualization, as well as HPC(High Performance Computing.

The Maison de la Simulation is involved in projects for research and supporting scientific community purpose : tools development, ANR, European projects ...

Information on all HPC training proposed by Maison de la Simulation. These trainings are organized in the context of the French PATC (PRACE Advanced Training Center), with collaborators like IDRIS, Equip@meso or Groupe Calcul

With the development of High Performance Computing infrastructure, both at the national (GENCI in France) and European (PRACE) level, researchers now have access to world-class supercomputers. Such supercomputers should not only make possible major breakthroughs in various scientific domains, but also lead to important breakthroughs impacting industrial competitiveness. Achieving these aims requires using tools designed and optimized for a very high level of parallelism. Moreover, exploiting the large amount of data resulting from large simulations requires appropriate post-processing and visualization tools.

The complexity of Petaflop/s system architectures and those of the targeted simulations represent a real challenge. Tackling this challenge requires building interdisciplinary teams including HPC (High Performance Computing) computer scientists, numerical analysts and experts in the targeted application fields.


This diagnosis led the CEA, the CNRS and the INRIA to create the Maison de la Simulation whose objective is to promote the efficient use of the large HPC equipments by the scientific community, as well as research in the HPC field.


The Maison de la Simulation is now a joint project of five partners (CEA, CNRS, INRIA, University of Orsay and University of Versailles-StQuentin) with the status of a "Unité de Service et de Recherche" (Service and Research Unit), whose aim is to support and stimulate the scientific community in order to get the best out of supercomputers, in particular those managed by the French GENCI and the European PRACE programs. The Maison de la Simulation promotes among others the emergence in France of a HPC community, and develops the strong synergies between researchers and engineers from various fields, necessary for the important scientific breakthroughs expected from HPC to materialize. These initiatives are targeted to the current HPC users, as well as to the research of new application fields for the HPC.