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Benoît Mandelbrot room

Contact :

Martial MANCIP

mail : Martial _._ Mancip _at@_ Maisondelasimulation _._ fr




TileViz Project v1.5 :



TileViz v1.5 Demonstration



Mandelbrot Plateform

Since november 2014 :

A stereoscopic visualization wall (4.3m to 2.4m) composed by 16 cubes OLS 521 Barco, so 8K or 33 million pixels.

A video controller with 4 XDS Barco manages 12 sources on the wall.

The graphical cluster has :

  • 4 rendering nodes (128G of RAM, 12 cores and 2 GPU NVIDIA K5000)
  • 1 SMP node with a big amount of 2TB of memory, 1GPU K5000, 64 cores.
    And the cluster has a 80 TB Lustre parallel file system.

We also have two sources in the Mandelbrot room, one fix and the other with HDMI for laptot plugs on the wall.



The Mandelbrot room is used for working sessions in front of the display wall (wellcom !) and workshops.


Available softwares:

  • compilers:
       cmake (2.8 to 3.2), cuda (5.5 to 6.5), gcc (4.7 to 4.9), llvm, ninja
  • environnements:
    anaconda (2.0), equalizer, openacc (5.5), openmpi (1.6 to 1.8)
  • outils:
    scotch (6.0), swig (3.0), vite (soucarre)
  • visualization:
    bino, vlc, brainvisa, mplayer, paraview (3.14 to 4.3.1), UnityMol, visit (2.6.3 to 2.9.2),
    chimera (1.10), Vitamins, VMD (1.9.2), pymol (parallel with moliscope environment)

Recent activities  :


TiledViz Project  : Tiled Visualisation of remote 3D renderings with Docker containers, with a browser or an high resolution display wall for  collaborative meetings for analysis, anotate or sort results of simulations ... More details (in french) on



New videos :


Projet Verspera :

Link to France 3 video



The fontain of Supernovae :



La fontaine aux supernovae mono


Some older videos :


CEA Saclay wishes 2015



Frédéric Bournaud from SAP/Irfu for CEA "C'Est A venir" broadcasting



Pulsation project : Peta scale mULti-gridS ocean-ATmosphere coupled simulatIONs



Mandelbrot Visualization room


Artistic Vues of Mandelbrot Room :





Building the display :

Cliquez ici !


Galerie :


Mandelbrot Room is completed !

Cliquez ici !


First uses of the display wall :

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Mandelbrot Visualization room






























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