Samuel Kokh



Bâtiment 454 - PC 47

CEA Saclay

91191 Gif-sur-Yvette cedex


tel.jpg +33 1 69 08 54 56


I am a permanent CEA staff member and I formely hold an Applied Mathematics research position at Maison de la simulation from 2013 to 2016 (position on the leave). I am now working at DEN/DANS/DM2S/STMF/LMEC.


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Research interests

Hyperbolic systems of conservation laws, Finite Volume Methods; Complex Flows Simulation; Interface Flows; Compressible Flows; Low Mach Flows; Lagrange-Remap Discretization; Relaxation Methods; Phase Change Modelling; Parallel Computing


Publications in journals

  1. F. Drui, A. Larat, S. Kokh, M. Massot, "Small-scale kinematics of two-phase flows: identifying relaxation processes in separated- and dispersed-flow models" (the title of this paper may change), accepted for publication in Journal of Fluid Mechanics.
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  3. T. Padioleau, P. Tremblin, E. Audit, P. Kestener et S. Kokh. "A High-performance and Portable All-Mach Regime Flow Solver Code with Well-balanced Gravity. Application to Compressible Convection", The Astrophysical Journal 875.2 (avr. 2019), p. 128.
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Publications in conference proceedings

  1. F. Drui, A. Fikl, P. Kestener, S. Kokh, A. Larat, V. Le Chenadec and M. Massot. "Experimenting with the p4est library for AMR simulations of two-phase flows". In : t. 53. 2016, pp. 232-247.
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Publications in books


B. Després, S. Kokh and F. Lagoutière. "Chapter 4 - Sharpening Methods for Finite Volume Schemes".
In : Handbook of Numerical Methods for Hyperbolic ProblemsBasic and Fundamental Issues. Editor R. Abgrall and C.-W. Shu. T. 17. Handbook of Numerical Analysis. Elsevier, 2016, pp. 77-102.


Teaching activities

  • Cours de programmation en langage C pour le calcul scientifique, cours de l'institut Galilée (macs1)
  • Introduction to Finite Volume Methods for Hyperbolic Problems. Lecture at the Natural Science University of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (coming soon)
  • Interface Capturing Methods for Multi-Phase Fluid Mechanics. Joint lecture with F. Lagoutière fir the CEA-EDF-INRIA 2014 Summer school, on Numerical Methods for Interface Problems in Fluids and Solids with Discontinuities (coming soon)
  • Lecture Least Action Principle and compressible flow modelling, Journées scientifiques du GdR MANU (Groupe de recherche CNRS 2439).
  • Introduction à la théorie des distributions, cours de l'institut Galilée (macs2)