GRACE (en)

Working Group animators:

  • Christophe Calvin, CEA DEN, Saclay
  • Nahid Emad, Université de Versailles
  • Laura Grigory, INRIA Saclay
  • Serge Petiton, CNRS, Université de Lille 1

Contact :


The objective of this research group is to get together twice a month associate researchers of the “maison de la simulation” particularly interested by the “numerical calculus” and the “computer science” aspects " for efficient use of the most powerful machines of the moment and targeting future exascales machines. In this context, the targeted themes are, for example, and not exhaustively: linear algebra, algorithms and data structures, libraries, multicore programming and accelerators. Other topics such as languages ​​or programming environments for scientific computing exascale may also be involved.


The impact of researches in these areas for the numerical simulation is the main focus of this working group. It is organized working sessions with other groups of the “maison de la simulation” to create a multidisciplinary dynamic around some common themes.


Participation in this working group presupposes participation in the activities of the “maison de la simulation”. However, this group is open to researchers associated with organizations and universities of the “maison de la simulation”, at their request.


The inaugural meeting of GRACE was held Friday, October 5, with the participation of Taisuke Boku University of Tsukuba in Japan, winner "Gordon Bell" in 2012.



Next working group meetings are scheduled room 043 on:

  • 04/02, 18/02,

  • 10/03, 31/03,

  • 14/04, 28/04,

  • 12/05,

  • 02/06, 16/06,

  • 07/07